Focused Trainer Apps

Our Focused Trainer apps use the Practice mode of the Pro+ app to offer experiential learning of perfect play for a variety of video poker games.  Each app focuses on a particular type of video poker, like Jacks or Better or Double Double Bonus poker.  For each, a number of commonly occurring pay tables typically found at casinos are included.  Perfect play depends on the pay table so targeting the correct pay table is important.

Although the apps contain ways to increase the number of training hands, we also offer ads and in-app purchasing.

In a real game of video poker you are dealt 5 random cards. You then decide which, if any, to hold for the draw where tossed cards are replaced randomly. This final hand is evaluated to see if there is a paying outcome.


This app trains you using experiential learning techniques. That is, when you click the deal button you are shown a random video poker hand. You select which cards you believe should be held for the draw. You are given immediate feedback of any errors. Detailed explanations (via the WHY? feature) show the loss of expected revenue if you deviate from an optimal hold.

For example, suppose you are dealt the following hand in Full-Pay Jacks or better:


If you hold the two 4s, that would be correct.  If you also held the Ace, the evaluated hand would look like:


Correct holds are colored green.  Incorrect holds are colored red.  If a card should have been held but wasn't, it would be colored yellow.  For this hand, holding a high card with the low pair is a common mistake. Clicking a WHY? button in the app shows the expected values of all possible 32 hold hands.  Holding just the two 4's has an expected value (i.e., the average value of all possible outcomes) of $0.8237 per dollar wagered.  Holding the "kicker" Ace with the two 4's reduces the expected value to $0.6753, That's a difference of $0.1484  per dollar wagered, or an 18% reduction in winnings.  That adds up!


When you evaluate your hold, sounds also indicate whether a mistake was made or not.  Various statistics are kept on your performance.  Also, any hands erroneously held are saved for review.