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Responsible Gambling

Gambling for fun is an enjoyable past-time for many.  However, gambling can have serious risks. If you do play video poker or Ultimate X games, our apps can train you to play the best possible way, statistically speaking.  However, even playing optimally is no guarantee you will win. 

Gambler's Ruin: A gambler playing a fair game with finite wealth will eventually go broke against an opponent with infinite wealth. Relatively speaking, most of us have finite wealth compared to a casino. Furthermore, most games are not fair to the player - the casino has an advantage.

Responsible gambling is characterized by understanding the odds involved, limiting the amount of money gambled and the amount of time spent gambling.

Problem Gambling

When gambling goes beyond one's level of responsible gambling, it can lead to destructive behaviors that often ruin families, reputations and livelihoods.  Below are links to sites that provide guidance, tips and help.

National Council on Problem Gambling

Responsible Gambling Council

Gambling Help Online

The Florida Council on Compulsive Gambling


If You do Gamble

If you do gamble, we recommend you learn as much as possible to improve your results.  Our apps are such training devices.    

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