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About Us

One of our principals is a retired chaired professor in the Information and Decision Sciences areas.  He and his wife enjoy gambling and he loves analyzing games - especially those that have a positive expected value. 

Academic Papers of Interest

Below is an academic analysis of Ultimate-X Video Poker that illustrates some of the computational approaches used to analyze Video Poker games.


Here is an analysis of Ultimate X Bonus Streak:



An analysis of Multi-Strike Video Poker and Multi-Strike Poker 16X is found in:


Here is an analysis of a new game Fortune X:


Here are two links to academic papers that show how various "bots" were used to play optimally at online casinos.

Interface Agents: Caveat Mercator in Electronic Commerce

Caveat Mercator in Electronic Commerce: An Update

Running our Apps on Windows PCs

An option to run our apps through Google Play on you Windows PC or Laptop using a free emulator is available:

  click the Download BlueStacks 5 button
  Run the installer when prompted
  Go through the welcome screens if you so please.
  After that, you'll be prompted to Login with your Google account
  Next, they have you in google Play Store.  Click the search button (a magnifying glass)
  Type in Play Perfect VP Pro+, or whichever app you are interested in
  When it comes up, click install.
  It then loads the app and puts an icon in the BlueStacks screen.
  Just double click it and you are ready to go.

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