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Selected Recent Third Party Reviews


App Store
VP for the ex
This app is the most advanced VP sim I have seen. At first navigation seem a bit complex and the settings offer many options but within minutes you realize the depth of the apps customizable features and variety of current games available far exceed other options on the App Store. I am also glad to see the inclusion of a trip tracker and plan on trying it on my next trip. Highly recommend for the serious VP enthusiast.

Best video poker trainer EVER!

This trainer has everything. 400 games, customizable pay tables, variance for games and hands. You can create a sample hand and change cards to see the effect on expected value and variance. A “why” feature which can show every expected value AND variance for every hold card you can make on every hand if you like. You can’t help but learn and it’s fun to play. It’s also cheaper than monthly subscriptions or having to pay to replenish coins to play. Best entertainment for $19.99 I’ve had in a long time.

[posted under the Lite version but intended for the Pro+ version]

Google Play Store
Started out with the Lite Version then upgraded to the Pro and then to the Pro + Use the App all the time in Casinos to check Paytables and check my pick of cards for the Perfect Play.. I find myself scratching my head when using the App for Joker Poker. Tells you to hold a card that you would never Select then Wham-O you find you have just been dealt a winning hand from what the App advised to Hold. Recommend this App as it has definitely paid off for me over and over.

Worth! Fantastic! The UI isn't fancy. There are so many options, pay tables, game types, and stats that its amazing.


This program is a must-have for video poker players.


Excellent VP App!


Definitely worth buying the pro version so I could put in the actual pay tables available around here. In game mode you get to see what can happen when your play is compared to perfect play.


Great program Worth the price Am very pleased with it.

Ultimate X

Google Play Store
Best app I've ever used for video poker. Program works flawlessly. Developer is great as well.


Forget everything you know about video poker strategy. Correct play in UX and BS is wildly different. You have no idea until you try this app.


Great learning tool if you play Ultimate X.

Great learning app. Easy to use.


I like it, bonus streak plays are easy +EV when normal UX vulture opportunities are dry.

Extreme Value
This app does exactly what it says it will do. It gives you exact EV for many many games and pay structures, including with and without multipliers. This app has already paid for itself with what I have saved in EV over the last couple months, and is now actually making me money. Highly recommend if you are trying to play at maximum EV.


Google Play Store
Invaluable app
for video poker players.

I loved that the app trains me with an easy and intuitive interface. By showing me my percentages of wins to losses I can both see my improvement in play and also have something to work for in the long term. I just love that you have offered the lite version for free, as alone it would enable me to improve my base game. That just seems good in spirit. I am going to purchase the full version for the ability to have the specific payable on the machine I will be playing in Vegas in a month, and because I like that you gave the lite version for free. Really a nice program


This app is meant for serious Video Poker players who want to learn Perfect Play. As such, it is loaded with features that novices or casual game players might find intimidating. I highly recommend this product. Indeed, I found it so useful I upgraded to the Pro version.

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