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PRO+ with Watch Feature

Our VP Pro+ App gives Perfect Play advice for over 400 types of Video Poker games and over 2,000 associated, built-in pay tables one might encounter in casinos or online. See full details by clicking here.


Our Play Store Android version now has an optional feature that allows the Advice mode to be usable from an Android Wear OS3 device (i.e., like your Android watch). After buying Pro+ and also downloading the wear app to your watch, it can be activated by a one-time, in-app purchase.  Before such a purchase, 10 free uses are provided to see what the wear feature looks like on your watch.

The watch companion screen looks like:


Often the pips are too small for some watches, so a second and third input mode are available by clicking on the magnifying glass at the bottom right. The first gives two rows of larger, scrollable pip images while the second gives one row of even larger pip images.

Until the one-time, in-app purchase is made, on start-up the free trial amount will show something like:


At the top is the current mobile device game and the expected value of the current pay table.  This changes whenever the mobile device changes the game and/or pay table.  When that happens, the watch screen is reset.

The column on the left shows the four suits (Clubs, Diamonds, Hearts and Spades) with the one shaded in green as the currently selected suit.  A card is selected by first selecting the suit and then the pip to the right. A selected card will show in the hand below the pips as in the following when an Ace of Hearts was selected.


If you select the same card more than once for a hand, you will get a Duplicate Entry error message.

To get hold advice on your wear device (after the 10 free trials), you must unlocked the Wear feature in the mobile app by either (1) clicking on the Watch image in the Advice mode:


or (2) going to the Game Selection screen and clicking the button as shown below:


Both ways will start a purchase dialog with Google Play.

After a complete hand is selected, the correct cards to hold are shaded in green and a green checkmark is shown as in:


The green checkmark indicates the hand has been evaluated since that may not be obvious if no card should be held and, thus, no card is colored green.

As in the normal ADVICE Mode of the companion app, any hand added through the watch is logged into the app's History for later review.  Hands originating from the watch have their date prefixed with a W as in:


As in the mobile Advice mode, you may click on a card in the hand to remove it or you can restart a hand by clicking the CLEAR button.

If the game involves addition cards, they will be shown below the Suits.  For example, a Joker Poker game would display:


And, using this:


Other games with special cards include Five Aces, Louisiana Double, Magic Deal and Supajax.

Most games have 5-card hands but some (like Pick 'em or Double Down Stud) only have 4-cards when a decision is needed while peek games (like Look Ahead Poker) have 6-cards.



Loading the Wear Companion on your watch:

On your watch, run the Google Play Store app.  Do a search for:

Play Perfect Video Poker Pro+

Then install it.




We hope to add the wear feature to the App Store version of Pro+ later this year.

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